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The Ghana Veggies Exhibition

On the 15th and 16th of June 2016, Calli Ghana participated in a Ghana Veg exhibition in Adea Kese hall at the La Palm royal beach Hotel. The exhibition’s aim was to bring together vegetable farmers, Agro input dealer, governmental bodies and other ancillary bodies to educate, showcase products and sell to the general public.

A short opening ceremony was performed on the first day of the fair (15th of June, 2016), with Mr. Hanson Arthur, Mrs Marjorie Abdin and a representative from Hollland embassy gave short speeches on vegetables in Ghana, the export industry and the ban placed on Ghana by some countries on the vegies expectation. After these speeches the fair was officially declared open.

Calli Ghana had the opportunity to display our various products for veggies from the 4th Booth at the exhibition. Two pull up banners (Calli and Banzai) were displayed in the Calli Booth and two others (Amazone and Calli) were displayed at the balcony of the ground floor and in front Adea Kese hall where the exhibition was being held respectively. Three Calli Banners were used to decorate the booth to draw the attention of people who visited the fair.

A seminar was held on both days with various presenters who spoke about problems facing the vegetable industry in Ghana and the way forward.  Calli Ghana was represented in those Seminars by Mr. Daniel Ativor whiles four other representatitives manned the booth to serve the various clients who came through.

Calli Ghana had about 70 people visiting our stand on the first day and 85 on the second day asking questions about the products and their uses. Visitors of the exhibition were people from different industries who were interested in Agro chemicals but the few ones who were not interested and had little or no idea about agrochemicals had the opportunity of being educated by the Calli Ghana team of the importance of Agrochemicals. Also on display was the Irrigation kit and the PPE’s which was on a Mannequin that drew most people to the Calli booth.
Products presented at the exhibition by Calli Ghana were; Banzai, Viper, Ivory, Kalach, Pyrical 5G, Cypercal, Deltacal, assorted seeds, PPE kits, and irrigation kits

An introduction to Kalach was made to most visitors of the Calli Booth, a product which could be used in homes to prevent weeds and also Actellic for domestic use to drive away mosquitoes as well as Pyrical 5G to kill insects like ants and etc. in the house. Through this education, some visitors purchased some of the products while others promised to contact Calli Ghana when in need of it.
All visitors received leaflets of products and call cards so as to be able to read about the products as well as get in touch with Calli once there is a need for Calli’s products. The contacts of visitors were taken so as to ensure that a follow up was done.

At the end of the two days’ exhibition, the Calli team were able to inform all participants and visitors of the relocation of the office and the new products Calli has in its profile as well as reminding them of existing products.

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