Our Solutions/Herbicides
Callighana herbicides control weeds effectively and enhance crops development.
Non-selective Herbicide
kalach 360 KALACH 360 SL/ KALACH EXTRA
Powerful non-selective systemic herbicide. KALACH cleans the field from all kind of weeds from 7 to 14 days after application.
Pre-emergence Herbicide
kalach 360 DINAMIC PLUS 500 EC
Broad spectrum pre-emergence herbicide for maize against grasses (Digitaria, Dactyloctenium, etc…), broadleaved weeds and sedges. It also controls Rottboellia.
Uses: Maize
 Pre-emergence Herbicide
kalach 360

Systemic Post-Emergence herbicide. CALLIHERBE controls broadleaved weeds.
Uses: Cereals

kalach 360 AMAZONE WP
Early post-emergence herbicide against weeds on rice (irrigated and rainfed). AMAZONE controls broadleaved weeds, some sedges and grasses.
Uses: Rice
kalach 360 Pantera 40 EC
Highly systemic graminicide that is absorbed into the leaves of grass weeds. It gives effective control of both annual and perennial grass weeds in broad-leaved crops. Pantera 40 EC is applied against both annual and perennial grass in post-emergence of the crop.
Uses: Veggies

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