Our Solutions/Irrigation

The control of water is the key to production in any season. The drip system is one that allows a better rationalization of the water supply to the plant. This system is widely used in market garden crops. Callighana is the distributor of the world's leading brand NETAFIM of drip irrigation at lower cost. We provide you with irrigation kits of 250 m²; 500 m²; 1000 m²; 4000 m²; 9600 m² gravity very easy to use.

  • FERTILIZER PRODUCTIVITY: Economical way of providing fractional fertilizer throughout the cycle depending on the needs of the plant over time
  • WATER PRODUCTIVITY: economic way to bring to the plant the right amount of water necessary for its growth (neither more nor less) when it needs it while preserving the balances of the soil (water - soil - air)
  • WATER CONSOMPTION: Drip eliminates all water losses that generate traditional irrigation systems (gravity) and sprinkler: effects of evaporation, runoff, wind
  • ENERGY CONSOMPTION: The drip works at low pressure and therefore requires little energy

Netafim Website: https://www.netafim.com/en/



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